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Wolfshaw Academy

An Australian Potterverse RPG

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Wolfshaw Academy for the Magically Gifted, Australia's very own school for the training of young witches and wizards. With an excellent and highly-qualified staff and friendly atmosphere, Wolfshaw Academy for the Magically Gifted is the best place for your young Australian witch or wizard to learn their craft and hone their skills.
Just kidding - kind of. Wolfshaw Academy is a message-board style Potterverse role-playing game set in the fictional Wolfshaw Academy, Australia's equivalent to the great school of Hogwarts. Every character is original, staff and students alike, and the only constraints are the ones the world itself imposes.
And so if you are looking for a slightly different Potterverse game, then Wolfshaw Academy may be the game for you.

The game itself is set in Wolfshaw Academy, located somewhere in South Australia. The school is Australia's equivalent to Hogwarts, with similar aims and principles, but in a different setting, and with different characters (both staff and students).

Unlike Hogwarts role-playing games, every character here is original, meaning one can step inside the world without the constraints that come with playing canon characters (actual characters from the books). Players can choose personalities, appearance, year - and completely create a young witch or wizard, and through their eyes explore the world of Harry Potter from their Australian point of view.

The goal of the game is, in the case of students, to help your character grow and mature, and learn the ways of the magical world by harnessing their own power. For teachers, they are to pass on their own knowledge, and act as mentors to the students.

Two weeks of our time is the equivalent of one month in Wolfshaw time, and the current month is April. The weather is starting to cool, as it is Autumn now. Winter will soon follow, changing the face of the school.