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08 September 2005 @ 03:29 pm
We have a timeline, my friends! I've only done the teachers, as students would take forever. I'm going to ask everyone to give me the dates they want in (birth, date started WS, any other important things) for their chars. Oh, can you please check the dates etc. for your chars, and make any corrections/other things you want to add?

1801 – WS founded
1913 – El Mons was born
1933 – Granny J born
1939-1945 – Second World War, muggle
1955 – Morgaine born
1960 – Granny J married to a ‘nice young gentleman’
1961 – Granny J’s first child (Gretchen) born.
1963 – Granny J’s second child (Michael) born
1964 – Granny J’s third child (Mathew) born
1966 – Granny J’s fourth child (Harold) is born
1968 – Granny J’s fifth child (Imogen) is born
1969 – Branwen born, Voldemort’s first uprising in Europe
1970 – Granny J becomes care-taker for WS
1971 – Granny J’s sixth child (Dorothy) is born
1972 – Grandmother J’s first child (Gretchen) starts at Wolfshaw
1974, James is born, Granny J’s second child (Michael) starts Wolfshaw, Granny J’s seventh child (Caleb) is born
1975 – Granny J’s third child (Mathew) starts Wolfshaw
1976 – Granny J’s eighth child (Keith) is born, Branwen’s father dies, Trent born
1977 – Granny J’s fourth child (Harold) starts WS, Min is born, Clara born, Abigail Mott born
1978 – Granny J’s first child (Gretchen) graduates WS
1979 – Granny J’s fifth child (Imogen) starts WS
1980 - Granny J’s second child (Michael) graduates from WS, Harry Potter born
1981 – Granny J’s third child (Mathew) graduates from Wolfshaw, Voldemort’s first defeat, Morgaine moves to Australia after killing her uncle in the war effort
1982 – Granny J’s sixth child (Dorothy) starts WS
1983 – Granny J’s fourth child (Harold) graduates from WS
1984 – Anthony Allens born
1985, James starts at Wolfshaw and is placed into … house, Granny J’s fifth child (Imogen) graduates WS, Granny J’s seventh child (Caleb) starts WS

c. 1985 – Granny J’s mother dies
1987 – Granny J’s eighth child (Keith) starts WS, Tanya born, Trent started WS, placed in Astier
1988 – Granny J’s sixth child (Dorothy) graduates from WS
1991 – Harry Potter starts at Hogwarts, Granny J’s seventh child (Caleb) graduates from WS
1992, James graduates and starts travelling Australia, meets and marries his ex-wife, Melissa Reynolds.
1993, James’ first daughter born
1993 – Granny J’s eighth child (Keith) graduates from WS, Trent graduated from WS
1994 – Cat is born
1994 – 1996 – Trent worked in the Ministry with a desk job
1995, James’ father dies, Morgaine became Charms teacher at WS
1996-1998 – Trent auror training
1996 – Voldemort’s second uprising became public knowledge, after ministry battle in July
1997 – Tanya’s grandmother dies, March 15th – 16th, Final Battle of Voldemort’s second uprising
1998, James’ second daughter born, James and partner split up, Trent arrived at WS as the new Defence teacher
2000, James and wife get divorced, Granny J’s father dies
2004, James’ daughter starts wolfshaw
2005 – Min is accepted as the new Divination teacher, Clara is accepted as the new Transfig teacher, Cat starts at WS, Branwen starts as WSs new Ancient Runes teacher

And question: Anthony Allens, Abigail Mott and El Mons, when did they start as groundskeeper, nurse and flying teacher? Also, when did James start, and become headmaster? Alsoalso, when did the others become head of houses?