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08 September 2005 @ 11:41 am
Katie Robinson is up!

Yes, I nicked James' daughter all for myself. :P

Oh, and Kirz, I just realised something. If you modify James to be in Astier and I modify Trent to be (which is, I think, what we were doing?) then wouldn't they have been in the same house at the same time? *checks* Yes. James would've been two years ahead of Trent. Which means that...damn, we really need a timeline. Of before years, when teachers were at school, when the war was etc. I think I might make one.
Free Speech is not simply an Idea.: deviouscat_mcdougall on September 8th, 2005 04:32 pm (UTC)
*panics* Dont make me assign houses to all of Grandmother J's kids! Coming up with names and ages was hard enough!

*panics liek woah*
originalcracker on September 8th, 2005 04:35 pm (UTC)
*giggles* Lookie what I did! Can you check this for me? I'm going down the list of teachers, then I'll get to students. *pats calculator*

'1972, Grandmother J’s first child (Gretchen) starts at Wolfshaw
1978, Grandmother J’s first child (Gretchen) graduates WS
1963 – Granny J’s second child (Michael) born
1974 – Granny J’s second child (Michael) starts Wolfshaw
1980 - Granny J’s second child (Michael) graduates from WS
1964 – Granny J’s third child (Mathew) born
1975 – Granny J’s third child (Mathew) starts Wolfshaw
1981 – Granny J’s third child (Mathew) graduates from Wolfshaw
1966 – Granny J’s fourth child (Harold) is born
1977 – Granny J’s fourth child (Harold) starts WS
1983 – Granny J’s fourth child (Harold) graduates from WS
1968 – Granny J’s fifth child (Imogen) is born
1979 – Granny J’s fifth child (Imogen) starts WS
1985 – Granny J’s fifth child (Imogen) graduates WS
1971 – Granny J’s sixth child (Dorothy) is born
1982 – Granny J’s sixth child (Dorothy) starts WS
1988 – Granny J’s sixth child (Dorothy) graduates from WS
1974 – Granny J’s seventh child (Caleb) is born
1985 – Granny J’s seventh child (Caleb) starts WS
1991 – Granny J’s seventh child (Caleb) graduates from WS
1976 – Granny J’s eighth child (Keith) is born
1987 – Granny J’s eighth child (Keith) starts WS
1993 – Granny J’s eighth child (Keith) graduates from WS'

So basically, both Trent and James would've been in the same year as one of Granny J's kids. And that's just the ones I know off the top of my head. So...housescouldbehelpfulplease?