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08 September 2005 @ 10:43 am
The Rules of the School  
I dunno if people will see this in the Suggestion Box, so I'm just copy/pasting.

I was going through the website (and a thread) when I realised we don't appear to have a formal set of school rules set out somewhere for people to see. And it would clear up some confusion ie no more people who suggest that legal age (Muggle or magical) is 15 (although they did it earlier than that anyway).
So anyway, I am proposing that we write down a formal set of school rules, and put it up in the notices and on the website.
Ones that I know Kirz and I have discussed are:

  • Legal age = 17
  • Access to Restricted Section is unmonitored for 6th and 7th years. 5th years and under are only allowed access with written (and RPed) permission of a teacher. They also have to go through (RP) with Miss Tuttleworth. (Findels have to go through Morgaine alone)
  • Second (?) years and up are allowed to go into Merianga unsupervised (?) - first years must go in groups accompanied by a teacher (?)
  • First years are not allowed to try out for House Quidditch teams
  • No smoking (I assume, though this only appears to apply to Torin - there should be an alcohol rule for Trent and Clara though....)

There are others I probably have missed, so if you have any suggestions (anyone!) please add to the list. You may think of something Kirz/myself/someone else may not

Like, what are the rules for wandering around at night? Anyway, hopefully someone sees this soon - I'll point Kirz in its direction, anyway.